Term Dates - 2019

Term 1

Start: Wednesday 30 January
End: Friday 12 April

Term 2

Start: Monday 29 April 
End: Friday 5 July

Term 3

Start: Monday 29 July
End: Friday 27 September

Term 4

Start: Monday 14 October
End: Wednesday 18 December

Term Dates - 2020

Term 1

Start: Wednesday 29 January
End: Friday 9 April

Term 2

Start: Monday 27 April 
End: Friday 3 July

[CEN ACT/NSW State Conference for Emmaus Teaching Staff]

Term 3

Start: Tuesday 28 July
End: Friday 25 September

Term 4

Start: Monday 12 October
End: Wednesday 16 December

School Times

Whole School

School gates are unlocked at 8.30am.
No teacher supervision is given on school grounds before this time.

Unless taking part in on-site After School Activities, children should be collected promptly. No teacher supervision is provided to students after 3.30pm.


8.30am:   Start
12.00pm: Lunch
6.00pm:   Finish
Student are signed in and out by their caregiver

Primary School

8.53am: Primary School bell sounds
8.55am: Morning Assembly Line-up
3.00pm: Finish

Secondary School

8.45am: Start
3.10pm: Finish