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Welcome To Emmaus

Welcome to the Emmaus Christian School website. I trust the information you find as you navigate the site will be helpful for you.

I am delighted to begin 2024 as the 3rd Principal at Emmaus and I hope to honour and build on the legacies of previous principals, Paul Marshall & Erik Hofsink.

Emmaus is a highly regarded, faithful Christian school, founded 28 years ago in the inner North of Canberra. It is a school characterised by a heart of welcome, a sense of belonging, and a history of devotion to the gospel of Jesus Christ which sits at the centre of our community’s belief, engagement and learning. This gospel of hope and truth is encapsulated in the School Scripture from Colossians 1:15; verses that assert the pre-eminence of Christ and speak of love, humility, peace and reconciliation. At Emmaus, we aspire to weave this gospel into the fabric of our school’s learning and wellbeing programs, to form a cord of three strands which supports a generation of young people to know Jesus, to understand reality, and to grow together in faith, love and wisdom.

Christian education at Emmaus involves a positive partnership between the school and home, a partnership in which the school’s ethos is valued and supported, communication is characterised by mutual respect, and community is built. We believe the children and young people of Emmaus are best positioned to flourish where such partnership is in place.

Our educational goal is to provide excellence in learning and teaching, acknowledging the significance of supporting student and staff wellbeing in this core purpose. A community truly thrives when its members are physically, emotionally and spiritually well. As such the school also provides excellent programs of Christian education, pastoral care and co-curricular opportunities.

As the school continues to grow, I look forward to engaging with the families already at the school as well as those yet to join us. It is a privilege to journey together.

Melanie Spencer - Principal

Melanie Spencer