Teaching (School Hub)

Emmaus is part of a Teaching School Hub. We have signed up with St Philips Christian College’s Teaching School and in partnership with Alphacrucis University we support students in their development as teachers for our school. They engage in either a four-year sponsored study or a two-year master’s study and while studying, will be paid to work as Teacher Assistants in our school.

Child Safety and Wellbeing 

Child safety and wellbeing is embedded in the organisational leadership, governance, and culture of Emmaus Christian School. Our commitment to child safety and wellbeing is reflected in our recruitment practices which include pre-employment checks and screening to ensure that all employees are suitable for working with children. The school’s Code of Conduct for employees and volunteers outlines expected behavioural standards and responsibilities, including the reporting of concerns to relevant authorities. Allegations of harm to children are taken seriously and are responded to promptly and thoroughly.