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About the Primary School

Emmaus' Primary School provides fantastic support for families who want to partner with teachers, to grow their children, in Christian worldview and Christian values. We want to provide children with the best possible start to their life of learning; academically, socially and spiritually.

Our goal is to fully equip children to be able to engage with and navigate their place in this world, in a way that honors God.

We want all students to achieve their potential academically. To achieve success in reading comprehension, writing and critical analysis of text we begin with a phonics program and provide opportunities for practice of these skills on an everyday basis until pupils achieve the automaticity required for fluent reading, spelling and comprehension. We view Mathematics as more than numbers; it provides insight into God's ordered and good creation. Over the course of their time at Emmaus, we work with students to develop their skills in problem solving, logic and spatial awareness, as well as a deep understanding of basic number concepts.

All of the Primary Students participate in Devotions and Fitness each morning, and throughout the week in Science, Drama, Music, Art, Japanese, Health and PE, History and Social Science lessons. Upper Primary students also engage with a Band program, Economics, Civics and Citizenship and auditions for a Musical biannually.

Some students may need additional assistance and we draw on many evidence- based resources. Our Teacher Assistant team supports individual programs for students who require extra assistance. For students who need extending, we offer Maths Olympiad and extension groups for English; which includes over a two-year cycle; Public Speaking, Debate and (supported) Independent research tasks.

We want every student to achieve their individual, God given, potential.

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In Primary School...

We want all students to achieve their potential socially. Students are encouraged and enabled to be kind to each other and to resolve conflicts. We utilise a program called 'Brave Talk,' that assists students in verbalising what is frustrating them, apologising and moving forward. Students and parents have access to our fantastic School Well-Being Counsellor, and teachers take student concerns seriously. Community is a valuable part of our school. It is built through many channels, including Primary School competitions, buddy systems across classes (including our Kindy and Year 5 buddies), and Whole School Carnivals and Fun Days which foster positive interactions between students from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Year 5 are our student leaders, who are trained in how to care for and lead others. Their roles across the school include running a trading room, assisting in the Front Office, caring for a kindy buddy, and mediating playground problems.

We want all students to achieve their potential spiritually. While we teach using the mandated Australian Curriculum, we look at the curriculum from a Biblical framework. For example, we teach students that God made people, which means humans are valuable; because of this we care for others and include others when they ask to play.

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