Emmaus Distinctives

Emmaus Distinctives
  • We are a supportive Christian community where parents and teachers work together to develop the whole child.
  • At Emmaus we address student concerns whether it be arguments and disputes, feelings of injustice or friendship issues, through dedicated pastoral care and firm, caring discipline.
  • Our Secondary School focuses on building confidence alongside excellence and success.
  • Our leadership programs provide opportunities for student and servant leadership.
  • As a community we celebrate together and experience a strong sense of belonging.
  • Our school thrives through dedicated parent involvement - from participating in day to day activities to association and board membership.
  • Our staff and board members come from a variety of evangelical Christian convictions, which we honour and respect.
  • Our committed and qualified Christian classroom teachers and staff are of the highest calibre and are well liked by their students.
  • We use differentiation and adaption to plan our teaching and learning programs. NAPLAN and other tests are used as a diagnostic tool in which data is interpreted to inform our programs which results in consistent student gains.
  • Our co-education from Preschool to Year 10 on one campus is within easy access of all northern Canberra suburbs.
  • Our master planning and growth strategies are pinned on a steady-paced numerical growth to a single-campus, double-stream P-12 school only - a smaller school ensures the 'family-feel'.
  • We are a gospel-shaped and biblically-informed education community. 
  • We recognise the distinction between a school and a church, and do not seek to be a church or para-church.
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